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Clogged toilets are a plumbing issue that many homeowners will face at some point. Toilets can become clogged for a number of reasons, such as when too much toilet paper is used or when an object is flushed that shouldn’t be. If you find yourself with a clogged toilet, you may be wondering how a plumber unclogs a toilet. This article will explain the process that plumbers use to clear toilet drain blockages.

The first step that a plumber will take is to assess the situation and determine what is causing the blockage. If the blockage is due to too much toilet paper, then the plumber may simply need to remove the excess paper. However, if the blockage is caused by an object that has been flushed, then the plumber will need to use a plunger or snake to remove the object.

Once the plumber has determined the cause of the blockage, they will begin the process of unclogging the toilet. This usually involves using a plunger or snake to remove the obstruction. If the plunger does not work, then the plumber may need to use a higher-powered tool, such as a hydro-jeter, to clear the blockage.

How does a Plumber Unclog a Toilet?

Materials Needed

  • Toilet plunger
  • Bucket
  • Snake or another toilet auger
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Rags or old towels


  1. Start by removing as much water from the toilet bowl as possible. You can do this with a cup or by partially emptying the bowl with a plunger.
  2. Next, put on gloves to protect your hands. Plunge the toilet with a toilet plunger until the clog is removed. If you cannot remove the clog, move on to step 3.
  3. Try using a toilet auger or snake to remove the clog. insert the auger into the toilet and turn the handle clockwise until you feel resistance. This may take some trial and error. When you feel resistance, continue turning and push the auger through the clog. If you cannot remove the clog with an auger, move on to step 4.
  4. If all else fails, you may need to disassemble the toilet to remove the clog manually. Flush the toilet and turn off the water supply valve located behind the toilet or under the sink. Disconnect

The Plumbing Process

First, the plumber will inspect the toilet to determine the cause of the clog. If it is a simple clog, the plumber may be able to clear it with a plunger or a snake. But if the clog is caused by a more serious blockage, the plumber may need to remove the toilet and use an auger or other plumbing tools to clear the blockage.

Why Hire a Professional?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a professional to unclog your toilet. First and foremost, professionals have the training and experience to safely and effectively unclog your toilet. They also have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right. Additionally, professionals can help you prevent future clogs by performing regular maintenance on your toilet.


How does a plumber unclog a toilet?

First, the plumber will assess the situation to determine the cause of the clog. If it is a simple clog, the plumber may use a plunger or a snake to clear it. However, if the clog is caused by a more serious blockage, the plumber may need to auger or hydrojet the line to clear it.

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